Processing organisation / The Controller
When you enter into an agreement with Schiphol Travel Taxi and/or Schiphol Business Taxi (hereafter referred to as Schiphol Travel Taxi), for instance when placing a reservation for a taxi via our web site, Schiphol Travel Taxi is the ‘Verantwoordelijke’ (i.e. the responsible data processing party, or Controller) as defined by the Dutch Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (the Dutch Data Protection Act, or Wbp), with regards to the processing of (your) personal data in these matters. The Processing organisation / Controller, in this case being Schiphol Travel Taxi, is responsible for determining the objectives and means for these data processing activities. In other words; what happens with (your) personal data and how it is used, within the legal boundaries provided by the Dutch Data Protection Act.

What data does Schiphol Travel Taxi process?

Schiphol Travel Taxi has provided the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA, or CBP - the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens) with notification of the data-processing activities, the reasons for processing and retention. This report is entered into a public register, the ‘Meldingsregister’ of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. We process the following (personal) data:

1. Name, address, cit / residence, phone number, e-mail address;
2. Contact information of your employer (e.g. when a taxi was reserved on their account / in name of the business you work for);
3. Account number, payment method and debtor’s information for our debtor ledger;
4. Complaint information and data relating to lost and / or found items;
5. Reimbursement (and (financially) related information).

Processing of medical information and data
You may want to provide us with relevant additional information, or bring something under the driver’s attention, regarding our provision of the needed taxi services. If you provide additional information of a medical kind, (e.g. mentioning a physical handicap such as blindness or deafness, information regarding drug use or the use of other medical aids such as a wheelchair, et cetera) and Schiphol Travel Taxi is the service provider in question, Schiphol Travel Taxi will process the information together with the other fare-related data in your reservation. Schiphol Travel Taxi will always ensure sufficient protection of this data, prevent loss and / or disclosure to any unauthorised third party and will, at all times, ascertain whether or not the data processing is done carefully and within the boundaries that are provided by the Dutch Data Protection Act and other relevant (legal) acts..

To what purpose or purposes does Schiphol Travel Taxi process your (personal) information?
To carry out (and provide service according to) the contents of an agreement, such as perform and provide the taxi services the way according to your reservation. An agreement, such as an individual taxi fare, may be agreed to between Schiphol Travel Taxi and either one or more individual passenger(s) or a company / organisation;

To benefit our financial administration processes (including, but not limited to, calculating, collecting and / or crediting an invoice or trip value and financial transactions belonging to subscription services or other (travel) products), with regards to service and / or product sale processes and for our debtor processes, including a debtor ledger (as well as conducting debtor control investigation in direct connection with instruction execution and sales support or to maintain contact with our debtors);

For handling and returning lost and / or found articles and objects;

To answer all your questions and service requests, and to handle complaints regarding Schiphol Travel Taxi’s service provision. To handle, follow up on and settle possible (legal) disputes between you and Schiphol Travel Taxi. In addition, mutual correspondence may be used for evaluation (and) to improve our quality of service, including the areas of employee training, coaching and review / assessment purposes;

For marketing research (historic and statistic) and management information, and / or to develop new products and services, to further adjust and tune our services to (use by) passengers. In such cases however, we always merely process non-identifiable (anonimised / disidentified) data;

In order to compose and provide appropriate offers to our customers and / or to inform our customers with regards to Schiphol Travel Taxi’s service provision (in case you applied for such a service, and thus giving permission to use the data accordingly);

For all activities aiming to achieve, accomplish, maintain and expand a direct relation between Schiphol Travel Taxi and its customers.

When do we use your data?
When you purchased a service, such as placing a reservation for a taxi, and we carry out the service agreement (e.g. in performing the ride and collecting and / or invoicing the due amount). By placing a taxi reservation with Schiphol Travel Taxi, you accept the service’s terms and conditions and formally give us the permission to process the relevant data and / or let such be processed by parties involved in the service provision;

When you contact our customer service department (e.g. through the provided web forms, by e-mail, in writing or by telephone), allowing us to answer your questions and / or handle your complaints;

When you provide us with feedback regarding our web site via the webmaster’s e-mail, so that we may inform you about possible results of the feedback received;

When you gave us permission to inform you about changes in our business and / or to our services, or when you wish to be informed via our newsletter;

When you respond to one of our campaigns, a (public) contest or a survey, enabling us to perform the activities related to that particular process, such as announcing the winner of a contest or the outcome of a survey;

When you report to us a lost item (or have found an object that may be reported lost by someone else), so that we can make sure the object is returned to its rightful owner;

When you request information (e.g. by telephone, via our web site or through e-mail contact) so that we are able to provide you with the relevant information.

Storing the data and retention (periods)
You may rest assured that Schiphol Travel Taxi will not store personal data -in any form that makes it possible to directly retrieve your identity- for a period that is longer than necessary to realise and execute the abovementioned objectives and (content of) agreement(s). Besides what is mentioned here, you can always check these processing objectives in the report that Schiphol Travel Taxi submitted to the College bescherming persoonsgegevens (CBP, or the Dutch Data Protection Authority) and which is part of their public register (the ‘Meldingsregister’).

Your personal information is safe with us
All (personal) data that Schiphol Travel Taxi processes, is protected by various security measures. These measures consist of physical measures, such as a burglary alarm and / or an intrusion detection system, as well as a variety of organisational and technical security measures. Employees that are not directly involved in the business processes necessary for the services provided, as well as any third party, have no authorised access to any (personal) information or data.

We do not pass on any personal information to third parties
Other than to the subcontracting transport organisations, who perform the services offered on behalf of Schiphol Travel Taxi, Schiphol Travel Taxi will not disclose any personal information on our passengers to a third party for (commercial) purposes that they may define themselves. Schiphol Travel Taxi will also never sell (your) personal information to any third party. In addition, there is no transfer of personal data / data relay to any country outside the European Union (EU). When you entered into an agreement with Schiphol Travel Taxi, we may approach you to ask for participation in market research and / or (a) customer satisfaction survey. Schiphol Travel Taxi may also be bound, on legal grounds, to disclose certain information. Should such an occasion arise, Schiphol Travel Taxi will obviously always respect and comply with any applicable legal demand, such as those prescribed in the Dutch Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (Wbp, or Dutch Data Protection Act).

Your rights
Every passenger, defined as the ‘data subject’ in applicable law, has the right and is given the opportunity to access the personal data that Schiphol Travel Taxi processes. You can file such a request in writing with Schiphol Travel Taxi and Schiphol Travel Taxi will provide you with a written statement / overview containing your personal information that we process. Should you find that the information processed is incorrect, incomplete or otherwise in contravention of a legal requirement, you can inform Schiphol Travel Taxi of such and provide the correct data. You can also raise an objection regarding the (process of) personal data processing by Schiphol Travel Taxi, request your information to be removed from the relevant system(s) and / or request your information to be blocked for one or more processes, e.g. when you do not wish to receive information on new products or services by Schiphol Travel Taxi (anymore). To invoke any of these rights, please contact the Schiphol Travel Taxi Customer Service department first (tel. 0900 - 88 76, local rate).

The Web site (when entered under a separate head/hyperlink)
Schiphol Travel Taxi believes it is essential that all personal information pertaining to our clients and provided via the Schiphol Travel Taxi website, are treated, processed and secured with the greatest possible care. First and foremost, we always comply with all demands and restrictions, provided in de Dutch Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (Wbp, or Dutch Data Protection Act).

Your information will never be used commercially by any third party
Schiphol Travel Taxi will, under no circumstance, publish and / or make available your personal information to any third party, except for to those subcontracting taxi companies that provide the required services on behalf of Schiphol Travel Taxi. In addition, Schiphol Travel Taxi will not sell your personal information to anyone. However, Schiphol Travel Taxi may at times be required by law to disclose (part of) (personal) data. If such an occasion arises, we will obviously always comply with all other restrictions and demands provided by and defined in the Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (Wbp, i.e. Dutch Data Protection Act).

Online (web site) behaviour
When you visit the Schiphol Travel Taxi web site, we process common, general (and only strictly anonymous) visitor’s data, such as the pages that were visited most, or link click rates. The objective is to, after analysis of these general data, enhance the web site’s functionalities so that Schiphol Travel Taxi may optimise its service provision.

Cookie use
When you visit the Schiphol Travel Taxi web site, certain (anonymous) visitor’s data is processed to measure the interest in and importance of the various components of the web site. This enables Schiphol Travel Taxi to adapt the web site from time to time, to our visitor’s interests and experience (input). Schiphol Travel Taxi uses cookie technology to keep visitor records and improve accessibility of the web site and its functions. A cookie is a small, digital file that is stored on your computer’s hard drive. If you do not want to allow the use of cookies, you should change the relevant settings in your browser (select ‘cookies off’). If you accept the use of cookie technology, a cookie will never stay on your computer system for more than five years (unless you intentionally delete the cookie files earlier). Disallowing the use of cookie technology may affect the use of our web site and connected services.

Third party privacy policy
On the Schiphol Travel Taxi web site, you will find a number of hyperlinks to other web sites that are not directly part of the Schiphol Travel Taxi organisation. Schiphol Travel Taxi can and will not accept any responsibility and / or liability with regards to the way in which these third parties handle (personal) data. We therefore strongly recommend you to remain vigilant and inform yourself concerning the (existence and content of) relevant privacy policy and / or privacy statement, used by that particular third party. You may find it useful to contact the relevant third party and acquire further information or an explanation of their policy on the use of data and the personal information processing activities.